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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Adam is come back !

hey guys ! wats up ? I miss my blog ! n i also miss my gf ( .. n i miss this girl too .. ---> .. okeyh , back to the topic ..  i didnt update my blog for months .. I'm buzy wit my work ..  n OMG ! tomorrow I'm 16 ! yeahh ! proud of it ! wish me luck in PMR ! : P Happy New Year to u guys ! fill urself wit vigor in the new year .. plenty to make welfare .. n i hope u guys in the pink on dis day ! smile always n cheer up ! bubye ~ luv ya @dam

Friday, 16 September 2011

Im so sad ..

sometimes I think I like a little stupid and do not exist in the world no one cares about me, including my parents I live only hurting others but I have no intention to do so I do not know what should I do I was never happy with what I have because I think all that does not mean in my life I am so sad .. :( ~ ADAM