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Saturday, 9 June 2012


ieka .. tolong ar sorry ar .. org x sengaje .. org x de niat pown nk gune kau/aku .. sy x de niat pown nak berkasar ngan awk .. awk tolonglah sorry .. sorry pleasee ,.. awkk ..

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Everything Is Public

To be honest, I dont understand many things in life. There I said it. But just because I said that, I dont think you understand it well enough.

I have many things in my mind to be pointed out - as I dont keep thoughts silently in my in my head and buried it there forever. But tonight can someone show me what public and what private mean?

I didn't know if there is a new definition for this two words. Well not in my dictionary for sure. But somehow most people forgotten what private is. Everything is too public now. People, public is definitely not the new private. You need to separate these two things. You need a room for yourself. A room to mend yourself. A room to hide . A room for improvement . Or whatever you name it.

The more you want to share, the more you talk. Addictively, you will reach to a point where you dont have anything to share but you keep on talking crappier!

Now this is what happen when you let everyone into your room, you became less special. And the longer the nothing you become. Restrain yourself from making unnecessary statements, unreal conversations, meaningless stuff. Stop the pontentially sinful act. Start marking your lines now. We wont go beyond that area. Because we respect you.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

You are my "BESTFRIEND" or "ENEMY" ??

hey , maybe I'm not a CLEVER PERSON like you ..  but I'm also not an IDIOT !! You got straight A+ in formative1 ..?? yeahh .. I don't care .. It just FORMATIVE 1 !! it's not PMR !! so , please shut up your mouth ! can you say hello or hi or anything else before you start talking ?? I don't need a RESPECT but its a MANNERS before you are talking ? *okeyh sucks english* I want to tell you that you are my best friend forever but now you seems like my ENEMY !! I don't know why .. maybe your attitude was change !! I know you HATE me now but ! for your information I DON'T MIND IT and I'LL NEVER CARE ABOU IT !! understood ??

Monday, 19 March 2012

Funny Things -.-'

kau mimpi aku ?? LOL ! kau mimpi aku and kau kat satu place baring atas tanah then tengok stars together ? kau gile -.-

Res of Formative1

 BA  - 69 B-
BM - 98 A+
BI   - 100 A+
MT - 100 A+
SN - 96 A+
SEJ - 87 A-
GEO - 92 A+

KH  - 48 D
PI   - 98 A+

what a FUCKING  res ?!?!?!? SHIT !! hate it ! T_________T

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Holiday Is End T_T

Today holiday is end .. dont know what i feel .. my mum scold me just b'coz I scold my brother ..
I HATE IT ! --.-- sometimes my brother is annoying urgghh .. I felt like I hate my brother so much !! Although I know we must love each other in our family .. but my family is not a HAPPY FAMILY ! maybe ?? I dont know ..  SHIT HOLIDAY !! *sorry for the bad language .. I hate it ! just like a stupid things !! why ?!? I think I should sleep forever means DIE !haha XD just kidding .. ^_^

Friday, 16 March 2012

I am SAD T_____T

you hate me ? kenapa awak tak nak mengaku je ? woahh .. :O perlu ke nak menipu ? perlu ea ? hurmm .. nothing to say .. wanna to tell you that I'll NEVER HATE YOU EVEN YOU HATE ME !! Oh , Adam .. go eff yourself T_____________T this is just a misunderstanding dear ... :'
I hope you will forgive me ..  and one more thing I want to tell you , this is just a misunderstanding ..

           WHEN ...

       I AM SAD !!:'(